Burger Factory: New Store Opening Downtown Toronto

Burger Factory is a franchise burger restaurant that specializes in fresh, mouthwatering burgers. With locations across the GTA and Ontario, the newest location is Burger Factory Toronto; downtown. What attracted me to the store were their social media presence! How could I resist the stacked burgers with all that cheeeese, fries tower, funnel cake, say … More Burger Factory: New Store Opening Downtown Toronto

Sweet Cornbread

Cornbread has a special place in my heart. I’ve tried many different types. Jalapeño cornbread, cornbread with actual corn pieces in it. But my favourite type is good ol’ sweet cornbread. Now all cornbread is good cornbread. I just have an undeniable sweet tooth and tend to lean over to a sweet cornbread rather than … More Sweet Cornbread

Café N’ One: Brunch

Café N’ One is a restaurant located in Markham that serves all day breakfast, signature pastas, and specialty croissants. The main catch here is their coffees and their Japanese souffle pancake. The interior is small with just a few seating table but gig enough giving a cozy atmosphere. Because of the pandemic, many restaurants now … More Café N’ One: Brunch