I Made My Own Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Because The Real One is Trash

Remember the hype around the Popeyes sandwich in the States like a year ago? Seems like a lifetime ago right? Well now it’s finally here in Canada. Popeyes has come out with a marketing scheme where if you’d like to have first dibs on this sandwich you have to be on the “list”. To get … More I Made My Own Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Because The Real One is Trash

BBQ Jerk Tofu Bites

I’ve grown to be a fan of tofu especially during this quarantine period. I use to not understand it but because I’ve been exploring in the kitchen I have embraced this versatile food. This bbq jerk tofu bites recipe will make you fall in love with tofu as well. With tofu bites, the base or … More BBQ Jerk Tofu Bites

Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake is one of my favourite summertime festivals and fairs sweets to have. Whether it’s at Canada’s Wonderland, CNE, or a food festival, Summer can not past by without having a funnel cake. Unfortunately this year shaped out a little differently due to the pandemic BUT that would not stop me from having my … More Cinnamon Funnel Cake

Congolese Galette

These are not just any type of galette, these are Congolese galette a treat I grew up with and continue to enjoy. There are a few variations of this snack some people add milk and eggs, you can make them soft like waffles or hard like shortbread cookies. In true African fashion whenever I make … More Congolese Galette