Welcome to my food blog!

Foodiie.Diary is an online Toronto based food blog that explores the diversity of food through restaurant/food reviews, event coverage, as well as occasional recipes for the average cook. The goal is for my audience to be able to explore this platform and find things from all different types of cultures!

Why did I decide to go down this journey of creating a food blog? Well, I always use to post food pictures on my personal Instagram and was told that I post a lot of food pics. So I decided to create a Instagram page just for my food pics in August 2018. January 2019 was when I decided to take my Instagram food blogging more seriously. August 2020 is when the website launched!

I have a background in fashion communication. I’m currently a buyer for a retail company, as well as a freelance video editor. You can also find me food blogging for the Kscope a hub for all things African in Toronto.

Follow my food adventures @foodiie.diary on Instagram!

Let’s build something together.