Kibo Sushi: Sushi in Etobicoke

Stage 1 and 2 in Ontario has had everyone enjoying patio season. I mean I’ve even enjoyed a few meals on the patio and blogged about it too. Though many restaurants were able to accommodate exterior space and turn it into patio space, there are still a number of restaurants that do not have that … More Kibo Sushi: Sushi in Etobicoke

Sushi-Ya Japan: Sushi in Etobicoke

I kind of have a mini series going on called “Sushi in Etobicoke” where I’ve been trying different sushi places in Etobicoke. Ever since moving to the west end, I’m been trying different sushi spots trying to find my go-to spot. This time we’re reviewing Sushi-Ya Japan. This visit was more of a spontaneous one … More Sushi-Ya Japan: Sushi in Etobicoke

Sushi2Go: Sushi in Etobicoke Review

All my life I’ve been an east side girl, living most of my life in North York and Scarborough. But now, as I’ve moved, I am now on the west side, Etobicoke specifically. I can probably count on my fingers the amount of time I’ve been in Etobicoke prior to moving here. As a foodie … More Sushi2Go: Sushi in Etobicoke Review

Post Quarantine Bucket list

Stage 3 was recently announced here in Toronto of slowly opening back up to the new norm amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. After exhausting every home cook meal, Tik tok recipes, and food hacks, I am ready to treat myself to a nice restaurant meal. We’ve all had a solid 4 months indoors, and that gave … More Post Quarantine Bucket list

Lavelle Review: Worth the Hype?

We’ve all seen those insta worthy pics of a rooftop restaurant with a central pool and the CN tower in the background. Seeing it all over instagram made me curious to check this place out. That popular spot is Lavelle. This is my honest Lavelle review of both the food and the vibe. ENVIRONMENT People … More Lavelle Review: Worth the Hype?

BOBACHA Bubble Tea Review

If you don’t know by now, I’ve moved all the way to the west end. I live in Etobicoke, borderline Mississauga. A few of my last posts talk about everything going on in my life with first, getting married! Now that I live in a whole new area, I’ve been exploring the food scene. I … More BOBACHA Bubble Tea Review