Le Swan: French Diner

le swan fried chicken steak frites

Le Swan is a cute art-deco styled french diner located in downtown Toronto on Queen St West. My foodie friend picked the spot as she usually does when we go out. Before going to any restaurants I extensively look and pictures and read reviews and recommendations. Le Swan had some really good reviews but I was a little sceptical about the menu. Nevertheless I still went with an open mind and open stomach. Here’s my review of Le Swan.

Le Swan is a small french diner located in downtown Toronto. As soon as you enter you get that warm diner feel, modern but classic. The menu is divided into french meals and diner meals. The french side had things like Salad Niçoise, Steak Frites, and Smoked Trout Rillette. The Diner side had classics like corn dogs, fried chicken and grilled cheese. Majority of the meals do not come with a side so you would have to order the side separately. Sides include fries, salads and potatoes. They have 2 dessert options, a cocktail and wine list, as well as milkshakes. From 5pm-11pm you can order and enjoy fondue!

My friend and I ordered the fried chicken with a side of fries, and my other friend ordered the steak frites. For drinks I ordered a mocktail.

The orders came out within 10-15 minutes which was pretty good. The fried chicken was 3 drumsticks on top of a small layer of syrup. Fried chicken with syrup always brings me back to one of my favourite things which is chicken and waffles. The chicken was nice and crispy, I was pleasantly surprised on how good it was. I got to try some of my friend’s steak which was topped with garlic butter. Cooked at medium rare, it was flavourful and juicy. Even the french fries did not fall short. Crispy, savoury and addictive, I love me a good french fry.

Overall I enjoyed Le Swan. Their menu might seem small but we enjoyed everything we had on our plate. Maybe next time I can try something on the french side of the menu. One criticism I do have however were the drinks. Way too much ice was added into the cup, it was 3/4 ice and 1/4 of the drink. That’s my only complaint. But over would recommend Le Swan.

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