Louix Louis at St Regis

Louix Louis is an upscale downtown restaurant located on the 31st floor of the St Regis hotel. I first came across this restaurant on Instagram and was immediately attracted by it’s elegance and sophisticated aesthetics. My husband and I’s first year anniversary was coming up so I booked Louix Louis to celebrate. Does the Instagram aesthetic meet up to in person service, taste, and appearance? Here is my full review of Louix Louis at St Regis.

We made our reservations 2 weeks ahead for a Sunday. You do need to put in your credit card information at time of booking in case you don’t show up you will be charged $50. The place does get quite busy on Saturdays as well so make sure you do book ahead. It’s located in the downtown core so do prepare to pay for parking near by. My first impression once we arrived was that it was a little smaller than expected. It was quite busy for a Sunday at 8:30pm. We happened to go on Easter weekend and for that day they had a Easter menu only. I did check the website beforehand and did see the easter menu but I thought they would still have their regular house menu so I was a little disappointed with that. The easter menu to me, was quite limiting. I will break down my review into 2 parts food and service. First lets start with food.


I wasn’t too pleased with the Easter menu but at that point I didn’t really have a choice. We skipped the apps as nothing appeased us from the 3 options they had and went straight to mains. I ordered lamb shank that came with couscous and my husband ordered steak that came with mashed potato. We also ordered a side of fries. As for drinks we asked for mocktails on the sweeter side and for them to surprise us.

Complimentary bread and truffle butter was given as we awaited our meals to come out.

The food came out rather quickly and at first glance my husband noticed his steak was rare when he asked for well done. At first bite, my lamb shank was cold. YES COLD. The server shortly came to tell my husband they had given him someone else’s steak and I also told them my food was cold. Our meals were taken back, the manger came to apologize and our correct orders came out. The lamb shank was tender super juicy and flavourful I really enjoyed it. The couscous was cooked as some type of porridge and I did not like it. The fries were really good and crispy.

Our drinks took some time to come out but they were overall good as well, nothing special.

Though we were basically full after our meal, we did still order their famous 13 layer chocolate King’s Cake. We took one bite and brought the rest home. It’s a really big slice of cake it took a whole week for my husband and I to finish it. It’s a little on the dry side not as moist but overall a good cake.


Despite not being so pleased with the food, service was exceptional. Our main waiter was very attentive and tried their best to make sure we still enjoyed our time even though there were a few hiccups. We appreciated the manager personally coming out to apologize for the mix up with the meals. At the end they did cover dessert and the drinks and we only had to pay for our meals.


My final thoughts is that this restaurant is over hyped and Instagram aesthetically pleasing only. For the price tag of the meals, it was not worth it. It was nothing extraordinary and I unfortunately wouldn’t recommend it. If they had their regular menu for the day and we didn’t experience multiple hiccups maybe we would of had a different experience. Overall Louix Louis at St Regis is a no for me.

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