Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen Review

I came across Chiang Mai through a Tik Tok “date night” video. What attracted me were the creative plating, and exotic decor/setting. Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen is a popular Thai restaurant serving fun and exotic Thai cuisine and cocktails. They currently have 3 different locations, but I decided to visit the location in Etobicoke. Below is my Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen review.

The Etobicoke location I attended is a small location located below a condo complex. This restaurant is known to be busy so we made sure to make reservations well in advance. Seatings were in the form of bench or booths, with the back row being a long bench area for larger groups. There’s also bar seating as well. If you’re like me, you check out the menu before you get to the restaurant. Of course I looked at all the images and googled everything prior to even making reservations so I already had an idea of what I wanted.

We started off with the Thai Shrimp rolls as the appetizer. The order came with 4 rolls accompanied by a sweet chili sauce. Total was about $10-12. The rolls were really good and they used meaty shrimps for the rolls.

For our main, I wanted to go for one of the classics since it had been a while since I’ve had Thai food. I ordered for the Massaman curry with chicken, and my husband went for the Thai Basil Fried rice with shrimp. Like most Thai restaurants, you get to pick your spice level and my husband and I both went for spicy. Now for this part, it took a while for our mains to come out. We thank God we ordered an app because we were starving. Not sure why it took so long but we were ecstatic when it finally came out. The curry came with plain white rice but you have the option of upgrading to brown rice or coconut rice for extra charge. The curry was soooo good. Rich and full of flavour, had a bit of sweetness to it and reminded me of a lighter butter chicken. I tried a bit of my husbands fried rice and it was good but a lot spicier than the curry.

Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen have a lot of unique cocktails but we went for non-alcoholic options with a classic thai ice tea and thai fruit punch. I enjoyed the fruit punch more than the ice tea as it went better with the food palette.

After all that food, we still ordered dessert. They lacked in the Thai dessert department as the only”thai” dessert was their mango sticky rice. The waiter came out to tell us that because it’s not currently mango season, the mangos are not sweet. In translation, the mango sticky rice won’t be at its best quality. We ordered the New York Cheesecake for $7. The display was cute though it seemed a little redundant with the other meals (orange slices and greens). The cheesecake was my least favourite. You can tell it came from a frozen as it was still partially frozen. Next time I would go for something else like the ice cream or the sticky rice if in season.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen. The food was flavourful, decently priced and well portioned. My 2 cons were the wait time for the main and the frozen dessert. Aside from that, I would highly recommend and would definitely go again. How did you find this Chiang Mai Thai Kitchen Review

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