HelloFresh Review: Is it Worth it?

We’ve all seen numerous HelloFresh ads, coupons and offers online. I’ve always wanted to give it a try and this past week. I decided to give it a go? They claim to have easy to follow recipes, tasty meals with a variety of options to choose from per week and savings on your weekly groceries! Is this all true? I am here to give you my honest HelloFresh review covering everything from delivery, prep, meals, and pricing.

HelloFresh is a popular meal-kit delivery services that offer pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipes for dinner per serving. They have operations all over the world and are one of the biggest meal kit providers. You can pick between 2 or 4 person plans and between 3-5 meals per week. This is a subscription service therefore every week you will get charged. If you don’t feel like ordering HelloFresh for the week, they do give you the option to skip. Every week there’s a list of recipes you could choose from for your meal kit. Lastly you can always pick the delivery date and the delivery window to your liking.


Pricing is based on the amount of people (2 or 4) and the number of meals you pick (3-5) for the week. There are many coupons for first time buyers. I used the $80 off your first 3 boxes. It is calculated as $40 first order, $20 off second, $20 third meal. Shipping is an extra $9.99but with the discount, you also get shipping waved. My first week box was a total of $31. I did the 2 people/ 3 meals for the week. Without the discount it would have cost $71 plus $9.99 for shipping = $80.99. When picking the menu recipes there are some “premium” recipes that are an extra $2-$6 per serving (example steak dinner). Just be mindful of the extra charge.


As mentioned earlier, you can pick your delivery window and adjust per week. I picked Monday delivery in the mornings. HelloFresh gave me until Thursday to pick my meals for the week. Meaning you have to pick and finalize your meals 4 days before delivery. All my meals came in one box. Inside the box the 3 meals were packaged separately in paper bags. You must be wondering, “how were the meats packaged?” The meats/seafood were packaged at the bottom of the box on top of packed ice to keep them fresh.


The recipes are printed out with step by step instructions for you to follow in the delivery box as well as provided on the HelloFresh website/app. Prior to delivery when picking your meal, each recipe states prep time as well as cooking delivery. The website also lets your pick your meal preference if you want vegetarian meals, no beef, no seafood, etc. Unfortunately they did not have a vegan option. All the ingredients come pre packed and pre measured. Ingredients not provided are salt, pepper, oil and butter. Listed are also all utensils needed (listed also when picking the recipe). All you have to do is some chopping, grating, mixing, frying, and/or roasting. All the meals were relatively simple to make and easy to follow. I would say that the estimated cook time is quite accurate.


We enjoyed all 3 meals we picked. The Spicy Kung Pao-Style Chicken was both my husband and I’s favourite. The Crispy skinned chicken and biscuit was my second favourite while the pesto shrimp flatbread was my husband’s second favourite. Portion was decent and enough for 2 people. You might even have some leftovers.


Final verdict? Let me break it down with the pros and cons below:


-easy and quick pre measure meals

-tasty new dishes

-variety of meals to pick from

-ability to skip weeks

-decent portion size


-not ideally cost saving

-subscription service; if you forget to skip, you will get charged

HelloFresh is an easy fun dinner alternate that allows you to try and make different dishes. My husband and I really enjoyed the first week and plan to use at least the other 2 boxes where we would be getting a discount. We’ve however waived the following week and may use the other 2 in the next 2 months. I don’t believe it’s quite cost saving because without the discount it’s $80 for only 3 meals, this doesn’t include breakfast, lunch or dinner for the rest of the week. Grocery is quite high these days but with $100 it is enough for 3 meals, 7 days a week for 2 people plus snacks.

There are sooo many other meal kit subscription that I would love to try. How did you find this HelloFresh review? Will you be giving it a try? For end results video check out my Tik Tok video. Catch up with my last post here.

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