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click & grow smart garden

I’ve never been a gardener but have always been interested in it. I didn’t even know smart gardens existed until I saw one during this past Black Friday at Best Buy. Made an impulse buy and haven’t regretted it since. We bought the Click & Grow Smart Garden, the one with 3 pods. This post will take you through my experience so far, what I’ve been able to grow, and make as well.

A smart garden is an indoor gardening system that allows you to grow homegrown plants and vegetables with minimal efforts. The Click & Grow comes with individual pods that includes nutrients, the seed and smart soil. The system is set up where there’s an overhead lamp that mimicks the sun where it’s on for 16hrs and off for 8hrs. There’s an insert at the side where water goes and you have to top it off every few weeks once you notice it starts going down. All you have to do is insert the pods into the smart garden and let it do its thing. As the plant grows, you will have to extend the lamp. The purchase comes with 2 extensions.

There are numerous pods that you can purchase a mix of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. There is a limit of what you can grow due to the set up and size. They also have an “experimental” pod where you have the option to add your own seed and see how it grows.

Currently I am growing basil, mini tomatoes, and red bell pepper. It doesn’t take long for the plant to start spouting. The basil grew expedientially fast as it’s a herb compared to the tomatoes and the bell pepper. The basil took about 4 weeks to fully grow while the others the leaf has sprouted but not the vegetable yet.

So far I’ve really enjoyed my experience with the click & grow smart garden. I would highly recommend it for anyone that’s interested at growing their own little vegetables especially if you don’t have the space or time to garden yourself. I was able to make basil pesto recently with the basil and you can check the video out on my tik tok here.

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