Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons: Timbiebs

What happens when Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons come together? You get Timbiebs! The much anticipated Timbiebs dropped November 29th with 3 special flavours. I, just like thousands of others had to give this a try. Here is my review of the Timbiebs.

For those who don’t know, Tim Hortons is a treasure Canadian fast food restaurant popular for their coffees and donuts. Having Justin Bieber, popular Canadian musician, to collab with them is the perfect recipe for an online frenzy. Timbits are what some may know as donut holes. Bieber plus Timbits becomes Timbiebs, 3 special flavors: Chocolate White Fudge, Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, and Birthday Cake Waffle.

Chocolate White Fudge

timbiebs chocolate white fudge

So this one was pretty basic. It’s the exact same as a chocolate timbit which is one of my least favourite timbits. The only difference between the two is this one has a glaze on it. Also it was very dry.

Verdict 5/10

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip

timbiebs sour cream chocolate chip

I didn’t understand the flavour of this one. It was like a low key sour cream glaze with a bunch of chocolate chips stuck on the outside. The chocolate chip put off the taste of this one.

Verdict 2/10

Birthday Cake Waffle

timbiebs birthday cake waffle

Have you ever had the birthday cake timbit. This one is similar but with a glaze. Out of the 3 flavours, this was my favourite one. Maybe because sour cream glaze and birthday cake are my two favourite timbits and this was like a combination of the two. I would have to say this is on the sweeter side.

Verdict: 8/10

Final thoughts on Timbiebs? This is a fun collaboration that is using a popular Canadian star to put a spotlight on Tim Hortons. And it doesn’t stop at the timbiebs. There’s also merchandise such as toque, fanny pack, and tote bag. The flavors were nothing special yet I enjoyed it more in the spirit of the collaboration.

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