Giro D’Italia Ristorante

I’ve been to quite a few Italian restaurants and the best part is none are exactly the same. Each restaurant has their own twist to traditional dishes. You may encounter the same dish but it won’t be the exact same taste. Giro D’Italia Ristorante is no exception. Here is my review.

Giro D’Italia Ristorante is an Italian restaurant located in Vaughan. The interior is a rustic decor and its popularity will have the restaurant full on any given weekend. They have 2 different menus: their regular menu and their regional menu. Every month, they release a new regional menu tailored to a specific region in Italy.

We ended up ordering from their main menu starting with the tagliere di salumi. This was a full plate appetizer that consisted of various selections of italian salumi, cheese, lupini beans, walnuts, pickled mushroom whipped ricotta and warm focaccia bread. It said it’s best for 2-3 people, we were 5 and couldn’t finish this app. Super filling.

For their mains, they have a decent selections of pastas and pizzas, as well as Secondi (non pizza/pasta dishes). I wish they had more white sauce pastas as their menu only had 1 option. I ended up getting a Romeo and Giulietta pizza. This consisted of whipped ricotta, prosciutto crudo, arugola, balsamic glaze and grana padano on top of warm focaccia. I didn’t realize until the pizza came out that it didn’t have any sauce! Take note from me, ask your server questions especially when the menu features ingredients in a different language. Or you’ll end up with no sauce pizza lol. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed this pizza as it was different. I didn’t even finish half as I was pretty full from the appetizer alone.

We came to celebrate a friend’s bridal dinner. We brought our own cake by bakeandbants my go to baker. Also note that they do charge $2 per plate if you bring in your own cake/dessert. Overall I enjoyed my experience at Giro D’Italia Ristorante. What are some of your top Italian restaurants in the GTA?

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