Bread & Salt Afghan Cuisine

As some of you may know, I moved from the east end to the west end 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve been discovering new eats and cuisine. Bread & salt Afghan Cuisine is a restaurant I stubbled upon one day while we were looking for something new to try. Funny thing is I always go to the Costco right beside it but never knew this restaurant existed until now. Here is my review.

The first thing I noticed is the interior design of the restaurant. I love the brown and navy/blue tones. The ceiling had globe pendants that complimented the interior as well as unique artwork on the walls. The menu has a great selection of meals for anyone’s appetite. Tons of meat dishes as well as a decent selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes all appealing to afghan cuisine. My husband ordered Mixed Grill #4 which is Beef Tikka + Beef Seekh + Beef Chaplee, dinner plate which comes with rice, naan, and salad. I got a chicken tikka plate which comes with a salad and naan.

Y’all know I love free anything especially free food. At Bread & Salt, your first cup of tea is free. You have a choice of black or green tea. The waiter doesn’t tell you this, I only found out when looking at the drink menu.

The naan and the salad came out first. The salad was a simple lettuce, tomato, and onion salad, nothing special. The naan was fresh and warm and tasted very homie and comforting. I love my carbs and I love a good naan bread.

My husband is a meat lover, more specifically a beef lover. Though the mixed grill #4 was a beef lover’s dream, it was a little too much meat even for him. Nevertheless, he enjoyed the meal and it was really filling.

My meal was a little lighter because it was just the tandoori chicken, naan bread and salad, so no rice. The chicken skewer had a bit of heat to it. I ate the chicken with the naan bread and used some of the sauces provided.

Overall Bread & Salt Afghan Cuisine was a pleasant experience. Service was good, food portion vs quantity was good. I would come back and try some of their other menu items as they have a large selection of food.

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