360 Restaurant CN Tower

As a Toronto native, I had never been to the CN Tower. It is a symbol of Toronto and a destination sight for tourist. Up until recently, I was never really interested in attending. But it has been on my list of places to visit just so I can finally say I’ve been there. And I can finally say I’ve been there now. My husband surprised me to a date night at the 360 Restaurant CN Tower. Here is my review.

My husband knowing that I haven’t been to the CN tower and wanted to, surprised me by booking reservations at the 360 restaurant. When you have reservations at the restaurant, you automatically get access to the LookOut and GlassFloor of the CN Tower. The first experience you get is of course going up the elevator and seeing the view of downtown Toronto and all it’s beauty.

A special feature of the 360 Restaurant CN Tower is that it does a full 360 degree turn every hour to allow you to see a full view of the city. We were lucky to get a window seat, nigh time view is truly the best view. They have prix fixe menu which is either $65 per person for 2 course or $79 per person for 3 course. We went for the 2 course which include an appetizer and a main. We also added a dessert to the menu and mocktail drinks.

mocktail mojito

I love me a restaurant that serves bread and butter while waiting for apps and mains. I can’t stress this enough. It’s the little things honestly but I’m also a carb lover and I love free stuff so best of both worlds. My husband and I do not drink and our favourite mocktail is a mojito so that’s what we ordered.

For apps I got a kale and strawberry salad with peach and ginger dressing and the husband got gnocchi with asparagus in lemon butter sauce. I loved the simplicity of the salad, perfect for opening up my pallet for the main course. The gnocchi were melt in your mouth good.

360 restaurant food

For main, we both ordered the same thing which was the cornish hen in cauliflower and aged cheddar puree, sautéed swiss chard, pearl onion and double smoked bacon lardons. We picked something different but also safe. Chicken with mash and sauces to put it in simpler form. Everything on the plate complimented each other so well. This was a whole hen on the plate cooked with no dryness and enough moister. The cauliflower mash didn’t taste like cauliflower at all but more of a healthier mashed potato. The dish was filling and really good.

strawberry shortcake dessert 360 restaurant

Lastly, we had to make room for dessert so we shared a strawberry shortcake. I like this version of a strawberry shortcake using a biscuit instead of cake. Easy on the sweet and was a nice ending to the 2 (and a half) course meal. Oh wait! The best little surprise was receiving a peace of strawberry filled marble chocolate as a thank you and come again.

marble chocolate

I loved the atmosphere of the 360 restaurant. Majority of people were there celebrating something. Our serving was the sweetest man making sure we were satisfied with our experience.

After the meal, we got to experience the glassfloor and the lookout. To be honest, I wouldn’t come to the CN tower just for the glassfloor and the lookout. Coming to the restaurant first and then experiencing what else the CN tower has to over is the better way for me. Be aware that there is a minimum spend of $50 (I believe) and be ready to spend as the restaurant is expensive. Also the menu changes seasonally. We had the spring/summer menu and currently they are serving the fall/winter menu.

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