La Manne Cachée: Congolese Food in Toronto

congolese food toronto

I cover all types of food and cuisine on this blog but there’s a certain type of cuisine that is near and dear to my heart. And that is Congolese cuisine. I am Canadian by birth but Congolese at heart with both my parents being congolese. One thing that I’ve always found frustrating is the lack of Congolese restaurants and food services in Toronto. I know of all but 1 congolese/nigerian restaurant in Toronto and another in the GTA. That is why when I found out about La Manne Cachée, a new place to get congolese food in Toronto, I was uber excited!

La Manne Cachée is a new congolese food and catering service based in Scarborough. It isn’t a physical restaurant so no dine in service is currently available. Pick up and and delivery options are available. Their menu currently consist of a variety of stews, meats, rice, traditional congolese dishes and sweets. For my first order I got a large fumbwa (wild spinach in peanut stew), horse mackerel, tilapia, a few kwanga (cassava dough wrapped in cassava leaf) and beef kabob. Everything together costed around $50.

congolese food toronto

The food quantity compared to the price was plentiful. The fumbwa lasted 3 days and was still so good until we finished it. The beef kabob is barbequed on a charcoal bbq so you can taste that charcoal grilled flavour on the kabob. The fish is also barbequed and I knew I had to try it after salivating over La Manne Cachée’s instagram stories .

La Manne Cachée

I have since also gone and ordered the galette which is a great snack and dessert. I love galette and even have a recipe on my blog. And of course, how can you have all this food without also getting pili pili, a hot pepper sauce for some extra spice.

If you’re not familiar with congolese food, don’t worry! There’s plenty of dishes that you can choose from that your food palette will enjoy. Currently orders are placed via instagram or text provided in the instagram bio.

I am so happy to have an addition to congolese food in Toronto. What would you like to try from La Manne Cachée? Let me know below!

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