Fall n’ Leaves Pop Up

For the second year in a row Fall n’ Leaves pop up is back! Located at 621 Richmond street downtown Toronto, from Oct 1st to the 17th, this outdoor space is transformed into a food and wine bar filled with activities. The seasonal theme of fall is translated through the decor, the food and drink menu, as well as the activities. Last year I was unable to attend due to COVID restrictions and limit in capacity, but this year is bigger and better. Based on some of their past seasonal themed events such as Lets Do Summer and Sweater’s n’ Snowflakes, I knew I was in for an experience.


Everything about the decor screams FALL. From the pumpkins, to the hay, and the fire pits to keep you warm. I attended during the early evening but at night, the lights come alive and sets a different ambiance. There are many Insta worthy photo opportunities I’m sure you’ll leave with several photos to pick from.


This year there are even more activities then there were last year and at the previous events. There are activities such as hay bowling and paint a pumpkin/ paint nights. The best one yet is every Friday and Saturday night the ground turns into a dance floor with a live DJ.

Food & Drinks

Now you know as a food blogger I have to review the food and drink options. Lets start with the drinks.

They have a selection of wine and beer options for those that choose to drink. This year, they have a few Fall themed cocktails. For my non alcohol drinkers such as myself, all the cocktails (except the sangria) have mocktails or non alcoholic versions. I tried the pumpkin spice moscow mule and the canadian maple whiskey sour. The whiskey sour was a bit on the sweeter side but both drinks were really good.

For food there were regular food, drinks, and desserts. The full menu is listed here but as an overview they have pastas, various wood fire pizzas, poutine, corn on the cob, and soups. For desserts they had apple cobbler and an apple cinnamon churro.

We ended getting the rosé pasta, and the churros. The pasta sauce was so creamy and good topped with parmesan cheese. I was pleased with the quantity of the bowl. Now let me talk about the churros. Freshly fried, it came with a side of whip cream and baked sliced cinnamon apples. The best part, the churros were filled with an apple pie filling. So good!

Overall I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the food, the music as well as the activities on display. The entire pop up is outdoor with COVID safety measures and contact tracing in place. Go on and enjoy Fall n Leaves Pop Up!

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