Afro Caribbean Farmer’s Market

This summer, Toronto got their very one Afro Caribbean Farmer’s Market. Located in Little Jamaica 1531 Eglinton Ave W, every Sunday from 11am to 3pm, vendors would set up to sell their ethical goods in reflection of the neighbourhood the market is taken place in. This market took place from July until October and I had promised myself that I had to go. I was finally able to make it this past Sunday, the second last Sunday of the market. Below is a review of the Afro Caribbean Farmer’s market.

The market is located at a Green P parking lot on Eglinton Ave West. I arrived near the end of the market so it wasn’t crowded but all the vendors were still set up. Upon entering you’re welcomed with caribbean music playing and a small crowd of people dancing, vibing and enjoying the tunes. There were wide range of different vendors, majority of them being food base vendors. I tried to visit as many of the food vendors that I can before closing.

Josie’s Creole Pot

Josie’s Creole Pot is a Haitian food and catering service. At the market they were specifically selling their sauces. I was able to sample a few of their sauces and decided to buy their Haitian hot sauce. This hot sauce is basically a spicy coleslaw that can be served on top of anything.

Marj Delights

Specializing in caribbean delicacies, Marj Delights had a variety of sweet and savoury sweets. I decided to try the drop/chip chip. It’s suuuper sweet.

Pelau Catering

Pelau Catering is a TrinBagonian food and catering service. They had a display of things from homemade drinks, sauces, and food. As soon as I saw the ginger beer I knew I had to buy it. As the ginger beer was homemade, it taste really fresh with that strong spicy ginger after taste.

Aside from the above food, there were vendors selling street corn and fresh juice. I also got a nice crispy veggie samosa. Unfortunately the vendor didn’t have any tags or signs.

The Afro Caribbean Farmer’s market is the perfect summer addition to showcase the diversity that is Little Jamaica and surrounding areas. Even though I attended at the end of it’s run, there’s still one more weekend! I am looking forward to the Afro Caribbean Farmer’s Market 2022 summer addition.

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