Black Foodie Week Food Market 2021

It’s Black Foodie Week! This annual event running from September 19th to 25th by Black Foodie is a week diving into the world of african and caribbean cuisine through conversations, cooking sessions, and so much more. This event is virtual but to kick of the week, there was The Black Foodie Market on Sunday September 19th. The Black Foodie Market took place at Stackt Market and was an in person event showcasing black owned food businesses accompanied by live music and good vibes. I was able to make it down to the first event of the week.

When I first walked in, I was greeted by the perfect staged photo op for the event. A rattan chair surrounded by afro decor, multi color background, and options to choose from different signs to display. “Buy Black Eat Good” is the sign I chose which is almost foreshadowing all the good food I was about to encouter.

The market had a nice variety of different foods and cuisine. From cupcakes, to doubles, patties that sold out, vegan caribbean food and so much more! Not only were there food but there were accessories to purchase, games and prizes, music, and good vibes. Below are highlights of some of the vendors I was able to visit and/or try.


Ran into my good foodie friend Tony’s munchies, the chin chin lady. Selling her meat pies and chin chins, I couldn’t leave without grabbing a bag of vanilla chin chins for my munchies.


A crowd favourite, street bites served unique patties. I was really looking forward to trying their curry and chickpeas patty but unfortunately by the time it got to my turn in the line, they had completely sold out.


Don a yous serves authentic jerk sauces made with ingredients sourced from Jamaica . I got to try their bbq jerk sauce which was on the sweeter side (and sold out) as well as their jerk sauce tasted so fresh, you can taste the herbs and freshness in the sauce.


For your sweettooth, Sweet Treatz served cupcakes and mini cake cups at the market, but they can cater to bigger events such as birthdays or weddings. I got their white chocolate cupcake. To be honest, not sure where the white chocolate part was, maybe in the cream. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the cupcake.


Specializing in seasoning for grilling, this all natural, vegan spice company has a great selection of blends.

I tried doubles and Trini kurma for the first time. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the vendor’s name as they didn’t have any signs or business cards.

Black Foodie Market was just the start of a whole week of african and caribbean food experience. Make sure to tune in and get all the information on Black Foodie.

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