We’re On TikTok!

I have finally caved in and created a TikTok Account for Foodiie.Diary! Confession: I’ve actually had this TikTok account for almost a year but I’ve finally started uploading on it. After much resistance, here’s why we’re on TikTok.

I have to admit, for the longest time TikTok annoyed me. Especially during the pandemic, TikTok blew up but I still never got into it. At the time I was focusing on my instagram and starting off my blog, so I didn’t want to have to jump into a new social media app and learn everything over. I would see all these TikTok trends and even try them out on my instagram but just never created an account. Eventually I did create an account and uploaded my first video in November 2020. After that, I fell off again and lost interest. Now months later I am back on and here’s why.

We can’t deny the power of TikTok. I came into realization when I saw a bunch of these famous people I don’t know and they all came from TikTok. As much as there’s a foodie community on instagram, there’s a big one on TikTok too. Also, the direction of social media platforms are moving towards video production over photo production. That is why reels on instagram is so popular and is prioritized in the instagram algorithm over photos. So whether I like it or not, eventually if I want my social media presence to grow, we’ve got to move into more video production. So I figured, if I’m going to create more video content on instagram, I might as well use that content interchangeable on other platforms such as TikTok.

So here we are. Foodiie.Diary on TikTok. Please make sure to follow my content as well on instagram.

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