Sushi-Ya Japan: Sushi in Etobicoke

I kind of have a mini series going on called “Sushi in Etobicoke” where I’ve been trying different sushi places in Etobicoke. Ever since moving to the west end, I’m been trying different sushi spots trying to find my go-to spot. This time we’re reviewing Sushi-Ya Japan.

This visit was more of a spontaneous one where I was seriously craving sushi and decided to try a new spot close to home. Sushi-Ya Japan is located right off the highway on Dixon road. It’s a small sushi spot with a cute tented patio spot right outside the restaurant. They serve an array of sushi options with Japanese cuisine.

As mentioned before, my husband and I have our sushi order that we get at any sushi restaurant we go. We always get assorted tempura, bento box, and sushi roll. This time around, we changed our order a little bit. The bento box came with the same amount of tempura, as their small assorted tempura appetizer. So, we got the yaki gyoza instead, with a yuki bento which comes with assorted tempura,, ebi shumai, California roll, miso soup, green salad, rice, and the choice of beef. Lastly for the roll, I got the Red Dragon roll which consisted of shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado roll, topped with salmon sashimi, spicy mayo, white mayo and unagi sauce. It also came with tobiko (fish egg) but I subbed it out.

Should I start with the service or the food? Spolier alert, they were both impeccable. The servers were very attentive and made great suggestions. We even got Yuringi, deep fried chicken with special soy sauce and hot pepper, an appetizer on the house. And the fooooood. The food was affordable, quantity was good, and the quality was superb. We really enjoyed ourselves. Simple setting, nothing over the top, great experience.

What’s the next sushi spot I should check out in Etobicoke? Any suggestions please let me know below. Or any sushi spot in general in the GTA. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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