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popa burmese kitchen

Have you ever had Burmese cuisine? Me neither until I went to PŌPA Burmese Kitchen located here in Toronto. PŌPA Burmese Kitchen is currently the only Burmese cuisine restaurant in Toronto. I love that we live in such a multicultural city where you can find cuisine’s from all over the world. I also love that I have foodie friends with great restaurant recommendations.

popa burmese kitchen review

Burmese cuisine is a a mix of Indian and Chinese flavours made into delicious dishes. PŌPA Burmese Kitchen is located at Bayview Village Shopping Centre. This restaurant opened it’s doors in January 2020 but unfortunately due to COVID, did not get to experience much indoor dining after March 2020 when we went into first lockdown. On July 16th, indoor dining reopened and we got to finally sit indoor at a restaurant after months. The decor at PŌPA Burmese Kitchen is beautiful. Not the biggest space but the soft warm pastel colors bring a luxurious comfort to the interior decor.

The menu is filled with many options to choose from. They have appetizers, soups, rice dishes, salads, meats, seafood, noodle, veggies and dessert. Something for everyone. I wanted to try something different. Because the cuisine is new to me, I asked the waiter for recommendations. The Nan Gyi Thoke (khow suey) is one of the top recommended and popular dish at PŌPA. My friends ordered Rangoon chicken curry and Hot & Spicy Sambal Chicken. Of course we all decided to order different things because we get to try each others food and maximize the menu tasting.

popa khoy suey

The Nan Gyi Thoke (khow suey) is a hand-tossed noodle salad made with a striped chicken curry, toasted pea flour, hard boiled egg and crispy noodles. The star of the show, it definitely looked like it. This dish came in a wooden tray with several different toppings such as chilli flakes, lime, cilantro, peanuts and much more. I’ve tried a Thai Khao soi before. If I were to compare the two, the burmese version is more mild in flavour, and the curry is thicker. The texture after mixing everything together gave me serious mac n cheese vibes (texture only not flavour).

rangoon chicken curry popa

The other two dishes were good as well. They come with refillable jasmine rice. The rangoon chicken curry reminded me of butter chicken in the way that it looked. This also had a mild flavour to it. The hot & spicy sambal chicken actually did not come in any sauce which we didn’t expect. But that didn’t take away from the flavour.

Overall this place is top notch. As this is my first time trying burmese food and it’s currently the only restaurant in Toronto, I will definitely be coming back. There are so many other dishes I would like to try, as well as the desserts.

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