Lets Do Summer: Pop Up Sneak Peak

lets do summer

After long months of stay at home orders, Ontario is finally open. On July 16th we’re open OPEN. You know what else opens July 16th? Lets Do Summer Pop Up Food and Wine Bar. I was invited to their media event and I’m here to give you all the deets before opening day.

lets do summer food and wine bar

If you remember at the end of last year I covered Sweaters n’ Snowflakes Winter Pop Up Sneak Peak. Ran by the same organizer, they are bringing us summer enjoyment. Everything is summer filled and summer themed from the drinks to the food. The last event because of COVID restrictions, it was solemnly a food market. This time around not only can you enjoy the food, but there are activities such as painting and even certain events on designated days.

The Bar

lets do summer pop up bar

The wine and drink bar had summer themed cocktails. I tried the spiked lavender lemonade and spicy watermelon margarita. We had the options of getting both drinks without alcohol so there’s always that option for non drinkers. The lavender lemonade was really good. Almost tasted like perfume. The margarita on the other hand, took me off guard with the spicy jalapeño. It had an acquired taste. If you like that spicy sweet mix with a pinch of salt, go for it!

The Food

The menu had an array of unique summer themed food. The berry poutine was very intriguing but I couldn’t get myself to order it. Instead we got the buffalo street corn, a regular poutine, and the citrus tacos. I can’t remember everything that was in the taco, I know there were pineapple, beans, corn, a whole mixture. It was fully loaded. The tacos were my favourite. Full of flavour and filling. The poutine was good. The buffalo street corn had cheese and buffalo sauce and they also had another street corn option. There’s many options and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.

lets do summer pop up review

My final verdict is… DON’T MISS OUT ON LETS DO SUMMER from July 16th, all summer long. What better way to enjoy all that is of summer. I know after these long last months, this was truly refreshing. Did you enjoy Lets Do Summer: Pop Up Sneak Peak review? Let me know if there’s any upcoming events you’d like me to check out.

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