Kibo Sushi: Sushi in Etobicoke

Stage 1 and 2 in Ontario has had everyone enjoying patio season. I mean I’ve even enjoyed a few meals on the patio and blogged about it too. Though many restaurants were able to accommodate exterior space and turn it into patio space, there are still a number of restaurants that do not have that luxury. Many restaurants such as Kibo Sushi on Lakeshore Blvd are still operating on delivery and takeout services only. For those who don’t know, Ontario is the ONLY spot in all of North American not offering indoor dining. Indoor dining is projected for July 20th with limited capacity. Until then, we must continue to support those businesses that are still held back.

I’ve had Kibo Sushi before at their North York location, but this was my first time trying their west side location. My husband and I have our go to sushi order: bento box, assorted tempura, and a sushi roll (usually dynamite). We’ve been doing this thing where we order on Uber Eats and choose pick up. This helps to save on waiting time, as well as crazy delivery charges. When we arrived our meal was packed and ready to go.

As you may know, I’ve been trying to find my go to sushi spot in this new area. This would be my second sushi spot in this area. Comparing it to the first, I must say I prefer the first. First of all, the bento box didn’t even come with maki roll on the side. All the Chinese bento box I’ve ordered always come with maki roll on the side. Secondly, the portion was small. Most of my disapproval comes from the bento box to be honest. From the ones I’ve tried before, it was not satisfying. The dynamite roll was ok and the assorted tempura was good as well. Total cost came to $43.90.

Would I go again? Probably not. Well at least not this location. And I would probably order something else from the menu. This Kibo Sushi review may have gone left, but please continue to support your local restaurants until things go back to somewhat normal. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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