Another Year, Another COVID Birthday

This time last year (June 11th) there were still restrictions in Ontario so I had my first COVID birthday, a bbq. A whole year later, it’s like we did a 360 degree turn and ended up in the same position. A few days before June 11th, the government announced the reopening of patios for June 11th. Since I had already made birthday plans for that day I figure I would just go enjoy patio the following day. A whole year later and what did I do to celebrate my birthday? Another bbq.

Since getting married, I don’t live in a house with my parents anymore. I now live in a condo with a terrance bbq section. A week before my birthday, the condo management announced they would allow residents to BBQ only at the terrance. Because I love BBQ food, I decided to BBQ some meat and vegetables, and bring them back to the apartment with friends.

We did a potluck/BBQ. Most of the potluck food were store bought such as mac and cheese, wedges, and coleslaw.

We were able to bbq some meat such as sausages, chicken, beef and corn.

It was lowkey but fun because I hadn’t seen my friends since the wedding in April and I miss company. What are some creative ways you’ve celebrated your covid birthday? Picnics have been very popular.

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