Ice cream Season: The Fix Ice Cream Bar

The fix ice cream bar

Summertime calls for ice cream season. For me every season is ice cream season but the summer makes you enjoy it more. I love exploring different ice cream shops and trying different varieties as well as unique creations, The Fix Ice Cream Bar falls under unique creations.

Located right at Harbourfront, The Fix Ice Cream Bar is an edgy and unique ice cream shop serving house made soft serve ice cream. This isn’t my first try at the Fix but their menu is seasonal. Every season is a new unique menu with interesting creations. We went for their signature creations ($8) which cup in a cup or a cone for an extra $1.

the 6 fix ice cream

“The 6 Fix”

The 6 fix is a vanilla soft serve, topped with a CN Tower and “6” sugar cookie, and maple leaf sprinkles. It’s a simple ice cream but what I attracted me was the name of course. The “6” for those who don’t know, is a nickname for Toronto based off of the area code “416”. I thought it was cute and the flavours were not overwhelming.

Campire the fix ice cream


Campfire was another creation that caught our attention. It’s a s’more ice cream, crunchy marshmallow, caramel flakes, burnt marshmallow, and a chocolate dipped s’more cookie. A nice replica of s’more sandwich in the form of an ice cream. The flavours were more intense as this one has way more than “the 6”. Loved how everything complimented each other very well.

The Fix Ice Cream Bar is a highly recommended shop with a creative menu. You can never get tired as they are always updating their menu. Bonus: you can enjoy your ice cream along the boardwalk and the gorgeous views.

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