We OUTSIDE: Patio Season in Toronto

State & Main Patio

After 7 long months, many take out and food delivery services later, on June 11th Ontario FINALLY took it’s first step in reopening with outdoor dining. Toronto specifically, has been in lockdown for forever. The reopening came just in time for us to enjoy patio season in Toronto. This past year, many restaurants have used parking lots and even sidewalk space to create patio or additional patio space to accommodate social distancing and capacity limits.

patio season toronto

Right at midnight on June 11th, some restaurants started welcoming customers in their patios. You couldn’t go on Instagram this weekend without seeing someone post “patio season”, “we outside”, and just finally being able to enjoy a meal served outside at a restaurant.

spanako flatbread State & Main

This past weekend was my birthday weekend so I too got to enjoy patio dining on Saturday at State & Main. Some restaurants did reservations which booked up fast for the weekend. Others allowed for walk in service only. State & Main had walk in service. Luckily we went to a location without a line up and only waited 10min for our table.

steak dinner State & Main

If you didn’t get out this weekend, don’t worry, patios are here to stay “fingers crossed”. As the numbers keep going down and vaccination keeps increasing, over the next few months more things will reopen. Lets enjoy patio season in Toronto. Support your local restaurants, be patient, and tip generously.

What have you been doing to keep busy prior to reopening? I recently went to Hamilton and discovered Punchbowl market and bakery.

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