Punch Bowl Market and Bakery: Hamilton Food Market

In a world of stay at home orders and lockdowns where the only thing you can do is go out for walks, that’s exactly what we did. Every weekend, weather permitting, my husband and would drive out and go for walks and hikes with nice scenery. This time we decided to explore the many trails in Hamilton. At the end of our trail, we ran into Punch Bowl Market and Bakery, a Hamilton Food Market. Here is my review.

Punch Bowl Market is located in Stone Creek, right beside the popular devil’s punch bowl waterfall. This market has everything from plants and vegetables on the outside, to local jams, toys, games, and groceries on the inside. The main attraction is the bakery which is located inside the market. Due to capacity limits and social distancing, there was a line that went all the way outside.

You can smell the fresh bakery from the outside which is what attracted me to go inside. The line up took maybe 15 minutes. When we finally got in the bakery had an array of sweets and treats. It wasn’t just a bakery, they had frozen pizzas, pre-made food, and a salad bar just to name a few.

The bakery had all the goodies you needed; pies, cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, donuts, I mean the list goes on! We tried to not get too overwhelmed and ended up getting an apple fritter and a coconut cream square. That day, I learned the difference between an apple “fritter” and a “cruller”. It’s all in type of dough used.

Overall both were yummy. The coconut square was a little too sweet for my liking with all that layer of frosting at the top. I love a homemade authentic apple fritter and this one did not disappoint. If I were to ever go to that part of Hamilton again, I would definitely re-visit this Hamilton Food market.

What have you been doing to keep busy during these lockdowns? I’ve been discovering new eats around my new area such as Takumi BBQ.

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