BOBACHA Bubble Tea Review

If you don’t know by now, I’ve moved all the way to the west end. I live in Etobicoke, borderline Mississauga. A few of my last posts talk about everything going on in my life with first, getting married! Now that I live in a whole new area, I’ve been exploring the food scene. I found some sushi and now we’re on to bubble tea. We ended up finding BOBACHA cafe in Mississauga. Here is my BOBACHA bubble tea review.

Bobacha cafe

BOBACHA cafe is a bubble tea and dessert cafe located in Mississauga. While searching for a bubble tea store, I was looking for something unique. What attracted me to BOBACHA is the fact that they do not use milk product but milk alternatives in their bubble tea. For years, I’ve believed that I am lactose intolerant but I’ve never had it diagnose or anything. Needless to say, milk and I are not the best of friends. That is why when i saw they used milk alternatives, I was instantly attracted.

bobacha red bean bubble tea
red bean bubble tea

The location is not that far from my home, just a short drive away which of course I love. The interior design of the store is very sleek and modern. We decided to order one regular bubble tea, and a red bean bubble tea with tapioca in both. Regular size is $5.00 and large is $5.50. Tapioca is an extra $0.50.

bobacha bubble tea
milk tea bubble tea

I’ve had red bean milk tea before. When I would order it, it’s usually just milk tea with red beans at the bottom. This was the first time that the red beans were infused with the drink, which gave it a reddish tint. I was nervous that the milk alternative would give the drink a weird after taste but it was so good!

treat yourself

I’ve been really enjoying discovering different restaurants and food places around my new place. I would highly recommend BOBACHA Cafe. Hope you enjoyed this BOBACHA bubble tea review. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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