Sushi2Go: Sushi in Etobicoke Review

sushi2go review

All my life I’ve been an east side girl, living most of my life in North York and Scarborough. But now, as I’ve moved, I am now on the west side, Etobicoke specifically. I can probably count on my fingers the amount of time I’ve been in Etobicoke prior to moving here. As a foodie I am super excited to discover all the eats in my new city. First stop is to try to find my go-to sushi joint. Here’s my first review for trying to find sushi in Etobicoke: Sushi2Go.

Before I begin, just a disclaimer for my non Canadians or even my non Ontarians (?) I am still in Toronto. Toronto is made up of different boroughs and Etobicoke is considered one located all the way in the West.

It has been a while since I had sushi, and I typically crave sushi once a month, or once every two months. Everyone has their go-to sushi restaurant and as I am familiarizing myself to this new neighbourhood I figured I should try to find a nice sushi restaurant. Below are a few things I look for:


crunchy sushi roll
crunchy sushi roll

There isn’t any sushi spot that’s walking distance so I look for something that is a 10min drive or less. This spot hit that radius.


assorted tempura
Assorted tempura

I have a good idea of prices of certain menu items because I’ve ordered them multiple times from different restaurants. This restaurant fit my price range. It is a little higher than my go-to sushi spot in scarborough but that can easily be forgiven if the food quality and quantity is good.


bulgogi beef sushi2go

My typical order would be assorted tempura as the app, dynamite roll for me, and a beef bento box for my husband. That is what I usually look for in the menu. I am also open to trying new things. This menu had a lot of different rolls with their “funky rolls”. I ended up ordering a crunch funky roll which is shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado with tempura crumb outside.

Final Verdict

sushi2go review
Bento box

Sushi2Go definitely gets a pass for me. I don’t want to call it too early and say this would be my final go to sushi in Etobicoke as I would like to try more places but this is up there.

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