UberEats vs SkiptheDishes vs Doordash Food Delivery App Review

This past year, food delivery services have definitely been a popular choice with lockdown and quarantine orders forcing us to stay home. There are so many different food delivery services but which is the best? I looked at 3 of the more popular apps here in Toronto and compared some pros and cons of each. I looked at Options, Delivery Time, Delivery Fee, as well as Service & Deals. Here is my food delivery app review.


ubereats food delivery app review
Options ★★★★★

Ubereats has many options when it comes to food. You can search by cuisine, delivery time, delivery fee etc. They have soooo many options as many businesses register with UberEats due to popularity. Due to the pandemic, they have also added grocery, pharmacy, essentials, and alcohol options.

Delivery Time ★★★★☆

Delivery times vary from 15min to over an hour. It all depends on the proximity of the restaurant, how busy they are, as well as traffic. The great thing is that they have a section where you can filter by delivery time.

Delivery Fee ★★★★☆

I always look for the lowest delivery fee. I refuse to pay over $3 unless it’s a large order. That is why I appreciate UberEats selection of under $2.99 delivery fee as well as $0 delivery fee with deals.

Service/Deals ★★☆☆☆

I was debating between giving service/deals a 2 or 3, here’s why. They have some really good deals such as buy one get one free, $0 delivery fee flash deals. But one thing that annoys me is their customer service. You’re unable to start a chat, you have to filter through predetermined questions and find whichever best fits to your situation. In the past, I’ve had to submit multiple requests before getting a response.

They do offer EatsPass which is $0 deliver fee + 5% off orders $15 for a $9.99 monthly subscription.


skipthedishes food delivery app review
Options ★★★★☆

SkiptheDishes have a decent selection of food. The filters are more simple and not as intricate as UberEats but it gets the job done.

Delivery Time ★★★☆☆

Like many food delivery app, delivery time is based on how busy the restaurant is, distance to the delivery location, as well as traffic. The only thing I wish they can add is a filter by delivery time to the app.

Delivery Fee ★★★☆☆

I haven’t seen anything below $2 for delivery fee. It ranges from $1.99+. They do however have deals on if you spend a certain about based on the restaurant, delivery is free.

Service/Deals ★★★☆☆

Skipthedishes service is ok. They don’t have as many deals as the other 2 food delivery app. Skipthedishes was actually the first app I used a few years ago for food delivery.


doordash food delivery app review
Options ★★★★★

Doordash has many options when it comes to cuisine, deals, delivery time etc. They also have, just like many, added the convenience option due to the pandemic.

Delivery Time ★★★☆☆

Like many food delivery app, delivery time is based on how busy the restaurant is, distance to the delivery location, as well as traffic. They do however have a delivery time filter as well as a section of a list of restaurants with shortest delivery time based off of your location.

Delivery Fee ★★★★☆

Most delivery start at $2.99. They do have options of a $0 delivery fee for orders over a certain about for some restaurants as well as $0 delivery fee for some restaurants if it’s your first order.

Service/Deals ★★★★☆

Doordash has a lot of deals with the ones I mentioned above as well as select coupons. They also provide a subscription service called “dashpass” that allows $0 delivery fee on orders $12+ for $9.99 a month. This is great for those that order out a lot.


Based on the above, my final food delivery app review from best to least would be Doordash, UberEats, then SkiptheDishes. They are all great services and there are many many more that you can choose from. I personally do order from UberEats the most, due to instinct habit. Do you agree with the above? What other food delivery app do you enjoy?

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