Toronto Lockdown + Healthy Eating Check In

Every Monday I try to post about my healthy eating journey under a series called “New year new me… Kind of”. Full playlist is here. If you did not notice, I took a week off from posting on my blog because to be honest, I was mentally drained last week. Between everything that is going on with the pandemic, personal stuff, as well as work, I was not in the right headspace to do a lot of things. Of course I want to give you guys the best content which is why I found it best for myself to take a break. But we’re back and doing a little healthy eating, as well as a Toronto Lockdown check-in today.

healthy breakfast avocado toast

New Year new Me Kind of… 7 weeks update

It has been 8 weeks since I started my healthy eating journey. I have kept my meals pretty uniformed during the week and more relaxed on weekends. Physically I have not seen much change to be honest. I try not to check the scale as often, as it is not my focus. My focus is to feel physically strong. My go to breakfast has been avocado toast with egg. I can eat that everyday. Salmon has also been a new favourite of mine as I never really ate it before. The only downfall is that I wish I was working out more. Lets be honest, I’m tired of home workouts. I miss the gym. Hopefully gyms will open up soon, as this is THE LONGEST in years I’ve gone without the gym.

Toronto Lockdown

Toronto being one of the hotspots for COVID is still under lockdown since November. Yes I am tired and would love for things to open up but I’m telling myself it’s for the better right? Right now is winter anyways so I don’t mind it but I do miss outside and my friends. Most of the other cities have opened up in Ontario but I will refrain from going anywhere as we will know by March 8th if Toronto can now open “fingers crossed”. I have been able to do a few product and takeout reviews but nothing beats an in-store sit down experience.

salmon teriyaki with bok choy dinner

Healthy Eating Future Plans

By now, many people have given up on their new year resolutions. I may not be as strict as when I had started but I haven’t given up. My mental state is however very much effecting my progress. Once gyms open up, it will help a lot. I am looking forward to continue to enlightening everyone on my journey thus far. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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