Chatime Oat Milk Bubble Tea

Chatime Oat milk Bubble Tea

I love me some bubble tea but I could never have too much of it because of the milk. I believe I’m borderline lactose intolerant so I try to limit the amount of dairy I intake. I look for alternatives such as almond milk. To my surprise, I recently ordered bubble tea from Chatime and saw that they had an “alternative milk” option. As a food blogger it’s only natural for me to write up a Chatime oat milk bubble tea review.

Maybe I’m late because I haven’t had bubble tea since summer. The last time I had Chatime was probably for the Kelloggs special review. Last week I decided to just go ahead and order some bubble tea and to my surprise I saw a few substitutes available. There was a substitute for “honey” instead of sugar and there was an oat milk alternative. Of course the substitutes do come at a minimal extra cost. I’ve never had oat milk and I heard it was good so I decided to give it a try with my bubble tea.

The Taste

I ordered a pearl milk tea with the oat milk alternative. The honey was tempting but maybe I will try it next time. At first glance, the bubble tea looked darker than usual. An obvious result of the oat milk. Taste wise, it tasted like regular milk tea. I ordered mine with no ice and less sugar. The only major difference I noticed was it seemed a little watery than the original.

Final Verdict

Overall this is a great alternative option for those of us that are bubble tea lovers but can’t take too much dairy. I am so happy for this alternative. It’s amazing to see more restaurants offering milk alternatives just as many restaurants now offer vegan options on their menu. The difference in the milk is so slight you can barely notice it.

Did you know that Chatime was serving an oat milk alternative or am I just late? How did you find this Chatime oat milk bubble tea review. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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