Revive Superfoods: Frozen Smoothies Review

revive superfoods review

Goal for 2021 is to be overall healthier. If you haven’t been following my “New year new me.. kind of” series where every Monday I post about my healthy eating journey, you should check it out. This week I decided to do a review on a recent product I tried Revive superfoods: frozen smoothies. I will be giving my HONEST revive superfoods review on their smoothies.

About Revive Superfoods

smoothie cup subsciption

Revive superfoods is a food subscription service that specializes in fresh fruit smoothie cups as well as other products such as smoothie bowls, oatmeal cups, supermeals, and soups. How it works is that you first pick between a weekly or monthly plan, you then pick your cups, and then voila it gets delivered to your door! Smoothie cups are $6.99 per cup but there are a lot of first time coupons available to reduce the cost of your first box. I picked the monthly plan of 12 cups. I was able to get a 60% off coupon that brought my total cost down from $80 to $30. This is a subscription box meaning it automatically renews every week/month depending on the plan you picked. Remember to skip your month if you’re not interested on getting the next delivery or you can cancel anytime.

The Review

As mentioned, I picked the 12 cups monthly subscription. I must say the delivery was pretty fast and I got my items within a few days. It came in an ice box to help preserve the freshness of the fruits. There were so many flavours to choose from so I wanted to try a variety of them. I’m a strawberry and banana type of gal, simple goes a long way so I was intrigued at the ingredients combination of some of these smoothie cups. Below you can see the cups I ordered.

The ingredients are listed at the back as you can see, they are all fresh ingredients. My favourite part was that each cup had a liquid recommendation to accompany with your smoothie as well as listed benefits of the drink. When you’re ready to drink all you have to do is add the ingredients from the cup into a blender, add preferred liquid and blend. Once complete, add it back into the cup and enjoy! The cups were very filling and can definitely serve as a meal replacement.

Final Verdict

foodiie.diary food review

If it wasn’t for the discount code I received, I do think it runs a little expensive for 12 smoothie cups. I am not an avid smoothie drinking but for someone that is, maybe it will beneficial for them. The service and ease of the product is really good and simple to follow. Unfortunately, I only truly enjoyed about 3 of the 12 cups which isn’t enough for me to want to order again. The rest of the flavours were just mediocre or not good at all. However I did learn about different smoothie combinations and will probably incorporate them when making my own smoothies.

So how did you find this revive superfoods review? Will you be trying it out? If so let me know below! Would love to hear your opinion. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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