Eve Bayous Seafood Boil

eve bayous seafood boil

I had seafood boil for the first time in 2019 after seeing it all over social media. Ever since then I have been looking for some decent seafood boil. I even attempted to make my own this past summer which turned out ok. Toronto doesn’t have much options when it comes to some good quality seafood boil. Most of us know of Captain Boil which is the go-to seafood boil location here. When I heard that Eve Bayous was in town, I knew I had to give it a try.

About Eve Bayous

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Eve Bayous Seafood Boil is an online kitchen serving seafood platters. There are 3 platter options: “Just for me” $30, “For Me & You” $60, and “Deluxe” $75. All platters are served with sausages, corn, egg, potato, mussels, lemons, and king crab leg or lobster depending on platter. Luckily, they were in Toronto this month so I knew I had to place my order.

My Order

seafood boil toronto

I chose the “Just for me” platter and added shrimp to the meal. Firstly, the quantity was more than enough for 2 people. The price to quantity compared to other seafood spots I’ve seen was definitely on par. We can have decent priced food but what matters is the flavour of course. The sauce was TOP NOTCH. So good. You’re able to choose your spice level and I chose hot. The sauce had a sweetness to it, I was tempted to keep the remainder for some rice later on.

Final Verdict

Overall this Eve Bayous is top notch. Being based in Montreal, I will only be able to enjoy it when they make their trip down to Toronto. Do you know of any seafood boil restaurants or caterers based in Toronto? Let me know below.

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