New Year New Me… Kind of: 21 Days to Build Healthy Eating Habits (Week 3)

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. It’s officially been 21 days. Have I established my healthy eating habits? This is how I feel…

healthy eating bok choy

If this is your first “New year New me… Kind of”, I strongly suggest you to catch up to the whole series here. In summary, it’s 2021 and I am on a healthy eating journey, and I’m documenting it here. I just finished 3 weeks and let me just say it went by FAST. Side note: January in general is notoriously known for being the slowest month of the year yet it went by so fast! 3 weeks in and I must say that it now comes naturally to me. Here’s a few things I’ve learned the last 3 weeks:

Aim For a Lifestyle Change and Don’t Think of it as a Diet

Think longterm instead of short term. We are aiming for balanced lifestyle not something quick and easy. We are aiming for a better relationship with food and our bodies. The older we get the more conscious we need to be on what we’re putting in our bodies. Remember all the junk we use to eat as teens and gain nothing. Now you eat a cookie and gain 10 pounds. The struggle is real. As a food blogger that is constantly trying new food, I need that balance in my life.

Keep it Basic

healthy eating oatmeal

I plan my meals in the beginning of every week and keep it super simple. Usually, I have the same breakfast the whole week, I rotate my snacks, and switch up my dinner twice during the weekday. At the end of the week when grocery is low I just whip up whatever I can with leftovers.

Listen to your Body

healthy breakfast idea

Part of a balanced lifestyle is listening to your body! Currently, I am doing intermittent fasting meaning I eat between 12-8pm, but if I am starving at 9pm I will grab a snack. I can’t kill myself lol. I also don’t restrict myself completely and allow a cheat meal on the weekend. Right now I eat 90% healthy and 10% is indulge.

That’s it. And it’s been working quite well. I feel in control of my meals, healthier and in control. As I know this healthy eating habits is long term, my body will thank me and I will see the fruits of my labour in the coming months.

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