New Year New Me… Kind of: Healthy Food (Week 1)

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They say the first week is the hardest. For me, it wasn’t. Let me explain.

If you’re stumbling upon this post and you haven’t read the first part, I suggest you read that first for some background on this entire series I’m doing on my blog. I’ve completed week 1 of my reset new year healthy food journey and it has been pretty easy thus far. When starting a new diet or a new way of eating they say the first week is the hardest but for me it was an easy transition for 2 reasons:

  1. I’ve done this countless of times
  2. My mental states was set

Number 2 is probably the most prominent of the two because it’s really all in your head. You have to be disciplined and know what your end goal is and focus on that. For my first week I wanted to go over the structure of my meals and what I ate.

Food Breakdown

I am currently doing intermittent fasting (which I’ve done before) 16:8 rule meaning I eat for 8hrs between 12pm-8pm and fast for the rest. As for diet I am currently doing no meat but fish, and minimal dairy. I’m not counting calories as it’s a little too restrictive for me but I’ve done calorie counting in the past so I know roughly calorie amounts in each meal.

I ate about 4 times a day; brunch, dinner, and 2 snacks.

healthy breakfast

Breakfast was light usually consisted of a fruit bowl with either half an avocado, or boiled eggs.

healthy snack weight loss banana and peanut butter

My snacks would be after brunch and after dinner. The first was usually either a banana or apple with a spoon of peanut butter as a dip (so good!). The second snack would be some type of granola bar.

african healthy dinner

Dinner was also pretty uniform throughout the whole week. I made a spinach and tomato stew with sardines pieces mixed in, with a side of plantain and basa fish. I like my dinner to be the heavier meal and keep the rest of my meals light.


Part of healthy journey is exercise. I worked out 4 days out of the week at home of course for about 40min each. I followed some youtube videos my current favourites are from fitnessblender.

1 cheat meal a week (meal not day) as a reward to myself is ok for me for following through. I try to make it something that is not crazy unhealthy.

What’s Next

love crunch granola bar

Week 2 would probably consist of same structure of healthy food switching my meals a bit. I am also going to add a little more to my breakfast as I believe the quantity is a bit small especially because I am not eating a lunch. Every week I will be writing something different, it may be about what I ate for the week, my progress, healthy recipes, and so much more! Stay tunes and make sure you subscribe (at the bottom of the page) to be alert of more content. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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