Goodbye 2020 Review Hello 2021

What a year this has been! 2020 is a year no one can ever forget. This year was historic where our children will be reading about it. The big star of the show was of course the pandemic Miss Rona, COVID-19 and all that it brought. Many people’s lives were altered some for the better and others for the worst. This isn’t the typical recipe or food review post. I wanted my last post of the year to be a 2020 review of everything this year brought, including the birth of my food blog.

The Bad

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Lets start with the bad just to get that out of the way. As mentioned, COVID-19 was at the centre of attention in 2020 as our life revolved around it. What we deemed as normal was completely altered with restrictions, masks, and social distancing. Coughing literally became a crime, large gatherings and events were canceled, virtual life became the new norm, many lost their jobs, businesses, loved ones, opportunities. There were also many heartbreaking moments such as the shocking death of Kobe Bryan, Chadwick Baldwin, the death of George Floyd that sparked a social justice movement.

The Good

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First of all, August 2020 my blog was born! I’ve always wanted some type of blog I just wasn’t sure on the type of content I would produce. Once I settled on a food blog, it took me over a year to put it together mainly due to procrastination. The lockdown and quarantine gave me extra time to really focus and get this blog running and I am so glad I did.

As devastating the lockdown and quarantine was with all its restrictions, there were also many benefits as well. It allowed the world to slow down a little and focus on whats important. Being stuck at home allowed us to spend more time with family. For those working from home, I’m sure you saved a lot of money on gas and lunch money. Many were able to have extra time to launch their businesses and work on personal development.

The Future

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What does 2021 hold? Nobody really knows. We can only control so much. For this blog, I hope to continue to enlighten you all with new recipes, food and restaurant reviews, and lifestyle food tips. I hope to continue to grow my food blogging platform on here as well as on Instagram. I am hoping for a less restricted summer as I love food summer food festivals. I am super excited for future content. How was your 2020 review and what are you looking forward to in 2021?

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