Sweaters n’ Snowflakes Winter Pop Up Sneak Peak

Sweaters n' Snowflakes Winter Pop Up

The winter season is usually filled with a lot of fun activities such as the Christmas markets and different shows. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 restrictions, most activities have been canceled or modified. Which is why I am so grateful and happy that Sweaters n’ Snowflakes found a way to modify their serves and bring us a Toronto food market winter pop up for this holiday season. The winter pop up officially opens Dec 10th and runs until Dec 27th. I got the opportunity to go to an early media viewing and I am bringing you a sneak peak of this outdoor food market.

The Atmosphere

Sweaters n' Snowflakes Winter Pop Up

The space is a small backyard like setting decorated in winter and holiday festivities. It’s a one way route that allows people to enter and exit in one way.

Sweaters n' Snowflakes Winter Pop Up

There are many photo op areas such as 2 light tunnels, and few benches. As it’s an outdoor winter pop up, there are a few heaters stationed out to keep people warm as they are awaiting their food or taking pictures.

The Food

One of the main attractions at this winter pop up is the food, As we all know Toronto is currently in lockdown meaning there’s no indoor or outdoor dining permitted. Therefore, food is take out only. What I love about the menu is the variety of food they had. They have everything from BBQ ribs and turkey legs, to unique items such as maple cinnamon salted caramel marshmallow fries, or sweet potato medallions. There are also vegetarian and vegan options as well.

I got to try 4 of the items: Santa’s favourite wood fire pizza, Teriyaki Wok fried noodles, Candy Cane gingerbread elephant ear (not pictured), and Caramel filled candy cane hot churros (not pictured). For me it was a tie between the pizza and the noodles.

They have also featured a bar and wine menu with of course a holiday twist to it as pictured above.

COVID-19 Protocol

Foodiie.diary winter pop up

We must not forget that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Sweaters n’ Snowflakes winter pop up food market has taken all the necessary precautions to make sure that the event is following all health and safety measures in place. When you enter, you must register in the contact tracing. The area has one entrance and one exit to avoid by passing. Masks must be worn at all times while in the area and all individuals must maintain a minimum 2m apart. There are hand sanitizers on display, and as mentioned all food is take out only.

foodiie.diary winter pop up

For full information on Sweaters n’ Snowflakes Toronto food market winter pop-up you can check out their website here and follow them on Instagram as well. As it’s the holiday season, help a family in need by donating to a local food bank. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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