Machi Machi: Bubble Tea in Markham

machi machi markham foodiiediary

Machi Machi is a cute little minimalistic design bubble tea shop located in Markham. My friend and I had just finished having brunch at Alchemy Cafe and she mentioned there’s a tea shop down the road we should try.

machi machi tea shop markham

When we entered the first thing that attracted me was their design. Very sleek minimalistic interior. There’s a lot of Instagram worthy photo opportunities. Secondly is the menu. Maybe I’m just use to the regular milk tea with tapioca but they had quite unique options.

Black Milk Tea with Crème brûlée machi machi

Black Milk Tea with Crème brûlée ($5.90). This came with regular ice and regular sugar option and I added tapioca in my order as well. The crème brûlée sits at the top while the drink is at the bottom. I tried the crème brûlée portion first, then mixed everything in. It was sweet but not too sweet.

Black Tea Latte with panna Cotta machi machi

Black Tea Latte with panna Cotta ($8.10). This drink came in a bottle. Unlike the crème brûlée, the panna cotta was at the bottom of the bottle and the tea at the top. I tried a little bit the day I bought it but drink it the next day. It still tasted nice and fresh.

machi machi markham foodiiediary

Machi machi has a lot of other tea options that you can choose from that will satisfy your taste buds. I would not mind stopping by again the next time I am looking for bubble tea Markham. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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