Urban Maharajas: Indian Organic Food Review

Urban Maharajas indian food foodiiediary

My fiance and I were celebrating our anniversary and really wanted to dine out. Restaurants in Toronto are currently closed for indoor dining but Vaughan is not. We found this indian restaurant in Vaughan called Urban Maharajas. This place has some really good reviews and I haven’t had indian food in over a year. Urban Maharajas is also the first indian restaurant in north American to serve organic food. All of this and we had to give this place a try.


beef samosa and pakora

We didn’t want to get too much as an appetizer as we know how filling the mains can get. We went for a classic beef samosa ($1.20) as well as pakora ($5.99). A samosa is a pastry stuffed with ground beef, and pakora is fried vegetable fritters.

pakora indian restaurant

I’ve had samosas many times but I’ve never had pakora. And if I did I don’t remember. The pakora was really good, my favourite out of the two.

beef samosa indian restaurant

The only unfortunate thing was that both appetizers were drenched in oil. Especially the samosa. We were able to squeeze out a puddle of oil (yes a puddle) which should not be the case.


Urban Maharajas indian restaurant

I went a little safe with our mains. When I say safe I mean we went for classic indian dishes; beef biryani ($16.99) and butter chicken with garlic naan ($18.99).

Urban Maharajas butter chicken

I love trying new things and I’ve tried a wide variety of indian dishes from restaurants and different festivals I’ve attended. But I haven’t had indian food in over a year and was really craving butter chicken. The portion was definitely worth the money. I love garlic naan. It complimented the butter chicken so well.

beef biryani indian restaurant

The biryani was good to though I have to admit I’ve had better.


mango lassi indian restaurant

I really wanted their mixed nut kulfi ($5.99). Kulfi is an indian ice cream, usually in a popsicle form made from condensed milk and heavy cream. Unfortunately they did not have it so I decided to go for a mango lassi ($5.25). Mango lassi is a smoothie made from yogurt. Now I’m not really suppose to be consuming dairy but I couldn’t pass on the mango lassi. I’ve only had it maybe one other time. In general I love indian desserts. How can you leave an indian restaurant without their dessert?!

My Conclusion

Urban Maharajas satisfied my indian food craving. A great indian restaurant if you’re looking for one in Vaughan. Out of everything I would say the butter chicken and mango lassi tied it for me, and the beef samosa was my least favourite.

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