Mochi Obsession: I Thought I Tried Japanese Mochi for the First time

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Everywhere I look I see a post about Japanese mochi. Mochi recipe, mochi donuts, mochi ice cream. What is it and why is everyone talking about it? Japanese mochi is a rice cake, made from rice paste, made into various shapes such as a ball. It usually has a filling, the one I have most commonly seen is red bean paste. As a food blogger, I had to try this infamous mochi.

So I decided to try Mochi

japanese mochi

There’s a local asian bakery walking distance from my place so I decided to see if they carried mochi. It was labeled as “rice balls”, so I figured they were the same thing. They had red bean and peanut butter filled ones. I opted for the red bean, Once I got home, I was excited to finally try me some mochi. So I took my first bite, then my second bite. I paused and had an instant realization… I’ve had these before! To be fair I’ve had the sesame ball ones which are still mochi balls just covered in sesame seeds. It’s funny because I didn’t realize it until now.

My conclusion

red bean mochi

It’s funny how we may get sucked into trends or things that are the hype of the moment. Seeing all these different types of japanese mochi on my timeline thinking on how I would like to try it one day, not knowing I’ve had it before. It has taken on so many unique forms such as mochi ice cream, donuts, cookies that I would like to try and review one day.

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