Ruby Soho Bar Brunch

Ruby Soho Bar Brunch

Ruby Soho Bar is a fairly new restaurant located at the corner of King West and Portland, downtown Toronto. You can find breakfast on weekdays, dinner, and late night snack menu, as well as brunch on Saturday and Sunday. I’ve really been enjoying Toronto brunch spots lately (pre-second restaurant lockdown) and Ruby Soho Bar brunch looked intriguing so I had to give it a try.

Ruby Soho Menu

We were lucky that the weather was beautiful on this Saturday and that we got to enjoy our meal on their patio. Now, whenever I go to brunch I use to stick to my comfort brunch food such as egg benny, or american style breakfast. Lately with all the Toronto brunch spots I’ve been going to I’ve really allowed myself to try menu items that look compelling. My friend decided to have a classic chicken and pancake, and I almost went for the Benny but I ended up trying the “Soho Hash”.

Crispy Chicken and pancakes ruby soho brunch toronto

The “Crispy Chicken + Pancakes” ($16) included cereal milk pancakes, fried chicken, maple bacon butter, sour cherries, and balsamic glaze. Can we first talk about the presentation?! All the Toronto brunch spots I go to one of the things that makes me want to try a restaurant aside from the menu is the aesthetic. A beautiful definitely Instagram worthy meal. The meal tasted good as well. Was it the best chicken and waffle I’ve tried? No. It was mediocre and I found that the chicken to pancake ratio was small. I wish there was a little more chicken on the plate.

Soho Hash ruby soho brunch toronto

The other meal we got was the “Soho Hash” ($15) included two poached eggs, chopped donair meat, crispy potatoes, brown butter hollandaise sauce, red onion, tomato, green onions, corn, pepperoncini, pickled red chilies, herbs, with a side of garlic naan. If there was a dish that would make me come back to this Toronto brunch spot, it would definitely be this one. Bursting full of flavour! The dish came together like a brunch poutine. Everything aside from the naan was piled on top of the potatoes. The flavour was a mix of sweet, savoury, and a hint of spicy. The naan served well with the poached egg as well as to pick up whatever the potatoes. I would highly recommend this dish!

fresh orange juice ruby soho brunch toronto

As for drinks, you an get your coffee or go for your brunch mimosa. They had a lot of alcoholic options and not enough non alcoholic options aside from coffee and their organic juice. The menu didn’t even include tea. I went for their organic mango orange juice which comes without sugar. No complaints, naturally sweet.

Food blogger foodiie.diary ruby soho brunch toronto

Would I recommend Ruby Soho Bar for brunch? Yes I would, add it to my list of Toronto Brunch spots. I can’t rave enough about the Soho Hash. I have a growing playlist of brunch spots I’ve reviewed here. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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