Chatime Kellogg’s Limited Edition Review

Chatime Kellogg's

Chatime came out with limited addition drinks: Chatime Kellogg’s. This special menu features 3 items: Frosted Flakes milk tea, Corn pops milk tea, and Fruit Loops Matcha smoothie.

Corn Pop Milk Tea

Chatime Corn pop milk tea
Corn Pop Milk Tea

I got the corn pop milk tea with regular ice and sugar and added tapioca. My usual milk tea order is less ice and 30-50% sugar but I decided to go for the full experience. I was a little disappointed when I saw the process of making it. Essentially it’s just a regular milk tea, topped with corn pop. Eventually the corn pops sink into the milk tea which adds a little bit of that cereal flavour to it.

Frosted Flakes Milk Tea

chatime frosted flakes milk tea
Corn Flakes Milk Tea

Like the Corn Pop Milk tea, I got regular ice and sugar. This too was a regular milk tea topped with frosted flakes. What I didn’t like about this is that when the frosted flakes soaked into the drink, it breaks up into little pieces. When you’re drinking it, it feels like little grains that you’re drinking up.

Chatime fruit loops matcha smoothie
Fruit Loops Matcha Smoothie

I am not a fan of matcha. Most times I’ve had it I have not liked it. This was my first time trying a matcha smoothie, on top of that, Chatime Kellogg’s special Fruits Loops Matcha Smoothie. I got regular sugar, and like the other drinks, this was topped with fruits loops. Out of the 3 drinks, this was my favourite one. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never had it before or because fruit loops is my favourite cereal, it was just really good. The funny thing is that I expected this to be my least favourite out of the three.

My final verdict for Chatime Kellogg’s limited edition drinks… not worth it. The concept is cute but it’s not much of a difference from the original drinks. Plus I prefer not to have floaty pieces of soaked cereal in my bubble tea. Nevertheless be your own judge and give it a try. It’s available at select Chatime’s until November 25th. Check out more of my food reviews here. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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