Stage 2 Toronto Restaurants: What now?

Allwyn's bakery rice n peas oxtail
Allwyn’s Bakery

For the last few weeks, the cases in Toronto and the GTA have been rapidly increasing. This has forced the government to revert Toronto, Peel, Ottawa, and most recently York region into a “modified” Stage 2. This means that gathering sizes have decreased, cinemas and casinos are now closed, and indoor dining is now close allowing for only takeout, delivery, and outside patio dining. This is in effect for minimum 28 days. You can check a full list of restrictions here. What does this mean for Stage 2 Toronto Restaurants?

Hodo Kwaja korean restaurant
Hodo Kwaja

Since the beginning of the pandemic many businesses have suffered. A lot of people lost their jobs, hundreds of businesses across Canada have closed their doors permanently. Once most businesses were given the green light to reopen, everyone took the necessary precautions to adhere to current health protocols. This included indoor mask wearing and continuous cleaning and sanitization. Unfortunately it still could not beat the second wave, causing a second wave of closures and tighter restrictions. Modified stage 2 isn’t as strict as original stage 2 but one of the businesses effected are restaurants.

Burger Factory steak and cheese
Burger Factory

Takeout and delivery is still an option but many restaurants make a bulk of their sales on dine in services. When restaurants initially reopened, they were not operating at full capacity. Outdoor patios were a hit then because the weather was nice as it was summer time. Now winter is approaching and many restaurants do not have heated patios. That raises the question of: how many will small businesses survive Stage 2 Toronto Restaurants?

Ways you can support

Lets support our local businesses by ordering out. There’s already a movement called #TakeOutTuesday via Instagram. Every Tuesday people take the initiative to order out. I would highly suggest to order directly with the restaurant. Delivery services such as UberEats and SkiptheDish are great and convenient but take a large percentage of the restaurant’s order profit which is why you will find sometimes an upcharge on meals on the app than in the store.

congo coffee
Congo Coffee

Donate! There are many businesses especial smaller ones that have created GoFundMe accounts to help the business stay afloat. If you come across a restaurant you like with a donation link in support of their business, donate 🙂

foodiie.diary food diary

Lets support our local businesses and small business owners through these extremely tough times. We will make it through. I have a list of reviews I’ve done on a few local restaurants if you are looking to order you can scroll through the archive here. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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