Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen & Bar

Chadwick's Craft Kitchen & Bar review

Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant located at 268 Howland Ave, Toronto serving seasonal comfort food featuring weekend brunch. Brunch is served Saturday and Sunday only between 10-4pm. We decided to go in and try their brunch.

The restaurant is located at the corner of the street and features a small patio right outside the entrance. Because we had our meal on the patio I was unable to see the inside.

The first thing I noticed looking at their brunch menu was that the dishes had a south american twist to it. A lot of the dishes featured items such as baked beans, guacamole, salsa verde, and pico de gallo. There were also Filipino, Venezuelan, and Jamaican inspired dish. I found this as unique because usually by the name of the restaurant, it usually gives you an indication of the type of dishes or cuisine they would serve. At first I thought they would be serving all american style brunch. I would of never guessed they would have a south american inspired menu.

We went for 2 mains, 2 sides, and a drink. Lets start with the mains.



The “Rancheros” ($15) consisted of 2 farm fresh eggs (fried), topped with baked beans, guacamole, pico and cotija. You have the option to choose from corn tortillas, flatbread or gluten free toast ( I chose the corn tortilla) and potato hash or mixed green salad ( I chose half and half).

I got my eggs done over easy and from the picture you can’t see it because it’s under all the beans, guac, pico and cotija. I used the corn tortilla to add the mix in and ate it like that as well as by itself. The ingredients blended so well together. What stood out to me were the potato hash. They weren’t your typical potato hash you get at brunch spots.

filipino corned beef hash

Filipino Corned Beef Hash

The “Filipino Corned Beef Hash” ($16) came with 2 farm fresh eggs (we got scrambled), house-made corned beef, potato hash, diced tomato, cilantro, red onions and grilled cabbage. There was a hint of spice in this dish so if you are sensitive to heat in your dish, as in you can’t even take a little heat, I wouldn’t recommend this dish. This dish did not have any type of sauce so it was a little “dry” compared to the first dish.

sausage brunch

A Side of Sausage

As a side, we ordered a side of sausage ($6). This sausage had a very unique flavour. It was really red in colour and at one point I was convinced it may have been faux meat. I completely forgot to ask the server on what type of meat it was.

Earl grey latte london fog

Drink: London Fog

For some reason I’ve been drawn to a london fog ($4) also known as an earl grey latte the last few times I’ve gone out to brunch. I still have not had a london fog that hits the way the very first one I ever had a few years ago at a downtown cafe. That is probably why I keep ordering them in hopes to find one where the flavour will bring me back to the first time I had it.

Final Verdict

Overall service was good, food was good. I would rate Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen & Bar brunch 8/10. The only thing is that I found that though the meals had a lot of flavour and tasted really good, they were similar in taste to me. I wonder if the other dishes would be similar since most of the brunch dishes used similar ingredients.

Check out the menu here.

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