Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2020

If you’re an OG follower you would know that my very first video on my Instagram was a Tim Hortons Secret Menu. I’ve decided to make a blog post of Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2020 edition with some updated items.

White Hot Chocolate with chai tea bag

White Hot Chocolate with Chai Tea Bag

This is a classic and if you didn’t know about this until now I feel sorry for you. White hot chocolate is quite a versatile drink that you can mix it in many different ways. Adding a chai tea bag is one of my favourite ways to drink it. Warning: this drink is super sweet but it’s so worth it.

Donut breakfast sandwich tim Hortons secret menu

Donut sandwich

This hack reminds me of some of the treats you can get at summer food fairs. You will have to order the sandwich and donut separately then arrange it yourself.

Breakfast sandwich with Hashbrown Tim Hortons

Hashbrown Breakfast Sandwich

Another “order separately then arrange afterwards” meal. Adds that extra crunch to your breakfast sandwich.

Cotton candy drink tim hortons secret menu

Cotton Candy Drink

The idea behind this Tim Hortons Secret menu 2020 hack is to have a drink that taste like cotton candy right? All you do is order for a raspberry lemonade but ask them to replace the lemon syrup for cream. And voila! Cotton candy in a drink form.

Iced french vanilla tim hortons

Ice French Vanilla

This literally is exactly what is sounds like; french vanilla drink but with ice. A nice alternative to iced coffee.

Coffee crisp hot chocolate tim hortons secret menu

Coffee Crisp Hot Chocolate

Last on the Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2020 list is this coffee crisp hot chocolate. Have your hot chocolate taste like coffee crisp by adding 2 shots of espresso.

Do you know any Tim Hortons Secret Menu 2020 edition items? Let us know in the comments! You can take a look at my throwback Tim Hortons Secret menu video here. I love doing Tim Hortons review here is my last review on their Oreo donut. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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