Café N’ One: Brunch

japanese souffle pancake matcha red bean paste

Café N’ One is a restaurant located in Markham that serves all day breakfast, signature pastas, and specialty croissants. The main catch here is their coffees and their Japanese souffle pancake.

Cafe n' one

The interior is small with just a few seating table but gig enough giving a cozy atmosphere. Because of the pandemic, many restaurants now provide their menus via a QR code. This restaurant in particular is the first where we were able to order through the online menu and the server then brings your food to the table. This helps minimize repeated in-person contact.

The menu includes all day breakfast, snacks, desserts, hot and cold drinks. The best meals are the ones you can share right? The more food you can taste the better 🙂 We got the “karaage moffle” ($16) Japanese fried chicken, mochi waffle, red onion nanban, spicy mayo & su-miso syrup, arugula salad to start and the “matcha red been soufflé pancake” ($13).

Chicken and waffle brunch

Chicken and waffle is one of my favourite “american style” guilty meals. The fried chicken mixed with the sweetness of the waffle and syrup can not be beaten. Such a delicacy. One downside is how full and heavy you feel after because of all that grease and huge portion. This Japanese version however gave me all the savour of a classic chicken and waffle minus the grease and heaviness I would usually feel after a meal. It may also be because I only had half the meal but it was definitely satisfying. The syrup was not too sweet and the spicy mayo was like the icing on the cake.

japanese matcha souffle pancake

Up until this meal I had never had a soufflé pancake before. I would see it all over Instagram due to its growing popularity. So of course because it was on the menu I had to give it a try finally. I am not a big fan of matcha anything, drinks, ice cream, there’s just this bitter taste that I am just never able to adjust to.

The soufflé pancake we ordered came with a “matcha” syrup and red bean paste at the side. I figured if I didn’t like the matcha syrup I could at least have the red bean paste since I love red bean. To my surprise this is the first time I actually liked something matcha. Everything on the plate complimented each other so well. The pancake was fluffy and airy, the match and red bean paste were not too sweet. I think that’s one thing I really appreciated at this restaurant was that nothing was overly sweet.

London fog earl grey latte

For drinks I went with an Earl Grey latte ($4.50) also known as a “London Fog”. The drinks came in take away cups instead of dine in mugs which I am assuming is because of COVID. The drink was good but there’s one cafe I’ve been to, I have yet to have a london fog that has topped that one.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal, decent price, quiet atmosphere, the location has sufficient parking space. I went on a weekday and there were a few people there, not sure how busy it would get on the weekend. I would recommend this spot and wouldn’t mind going back. You can take a look at Café n One’s menu here.

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