Pujukan Toronto Korean BBQ

Pujukan korean bbq

I LOVE KOREAN BBQ. And I’ve been to quite a few in and around Toronto. I don’t know what it is about it, maybe it’s the grilling experience, the sides, I’m not sure but I love it. Each restaurant is a different experience so I decided to add Pujukan Korean BBQ to my list.

Pujukan is a small Korean bbq joint located on Yonge and Sheppard. For those who don’t know, Korean bbq is a type of restaurant where they have built in grills on each table, and you get your own raw meat to grill, and it comes with an array of sides.

Korean bbq toronto
Kimchi, onions, lettuce in spicy sauce, corn salad, egg bomb, spicy tofu soup
korean bbq toronto
white rice, jalapeno, lettuce, pickled raddish

At Korean bbq spots, the bulk of your bill is the meat, the sides come with the meal. There are additional sides you can order as well that are extra cost such as a bowl of white rice $1.95. The best part about the sides is that that are refillable.

korean bbq dipping sauce
Left top to right bottom: Wasabi, Ssamjang, Curry mix, Garlic with sesame oil

Each person is given 4 dipping sauces used to make your “lettuce wrap”. You take the pieces of lettuce provided to you as one of the sides, add the grilled meat, add the sides, then top it with the dipping sauces, wrap and eat!

pork and beef korean bbq

For the meat we went with jowl meat (pork) $19.95 and beef skirt $23.95. A minimum of 2 meat is required per table. The meat actually took a long time to come out which I was a little confused because it’s just raw meat with no seasoning. The portion looks small but for 2 people it ended up being more than enough.

egg bomb

A unique menu item that is complimentary to your order is this egg bomb. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The egg bomb comes out hot and bubbly, after a few minutes, it deflates.

egg bomb

Aside from the attraction of the egg bomb, it actually tasted really good.

food blogger Toronto Korean bbq

Would I go back? Yes I would! Service was good, food was filling, prices aligned with other Korean bbq restaurants I’ve been too, quality of meat was fresh. No loud drowning music and great atmosphere.

You can check out the full Pujukan menu here. Make sure to read my last food review on MIA Brunch here. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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