The Kscope Community Picnic

Community picnic

This past weekend I attended, I guess you can say my first “event” since the pandemic, the Kscope Community picnic. The Kscope is your one stop online platform that covers everything african in Toronto and the GTA, whether it’s food, fashion, music, and businesses. The community picnic was organized by the owner Yvonne Ben to bring the community together and to showcase different african food vendors, play games, and have a good time.

For those of you who don’t know, I have been writing and doing event covers for the Kscope for the last 2 years. When I heard about this event I knew I had to be there. You might be thinking, is this safe as we are in the middle of a pandemic? All the necessary precautions were taken before and during the event. Registration had to be done online prior to the event to reserve your spot and to abide gathering size limitations. The food was pre-ordered online and came individually packaged to everyone’s order.

I must say that one of the main reasons I came out, aside from supporting my kscope community, was the food. As a food blogger, I love trying out new food, discovering new food vendors/businesses, and supporting them especially start ups. There were 5 food vendors and we had the option of ordering minimum of 2. I can only speak on the ones that I tried as I had 3 of the 5 but feel free to check out the vendors and highlights on the thekscope‘s Instagram.

As I mentioned I tried 3 of the 5 vendors. This included a drink, and 2 small snackable plates. All the food were snack size.

Waji’s Kitchen

Wajis Kitchen
Beef suya peppered gizzard

Lets start of with the first plate, the meat. I ordered beef suya and peppered gizzard. Suya is a spice popular in West Africa commonly rubbed on meat skewers. I’ve had suya maybe once or twice so it was nice to have this meal again. The gizzard was in peppered sauce, a sauce made from bell peppers. The meal was not spicy at all but packed with flavor.

Kawengs Kitchen

nigerian small chops
small chops
nigerian spring roll
Spring roll
nigerian sausage roll
Sausage roll
nigerian meat pie
Meat pie
kaweng's kitchen

Next were the small chops. Small chops are referred to as little snacks or what you would typically categorize as an appetizer. In this order, there were a few things, first my favourite 2 puff puffs (my congolese call it beignet) which are fried dough balls kind of like Timbits but better, Then there were 1 meat pie, 1 spring roll, and 1 sausage roll. Everything but the puff puff definitely had a kick of heat to it. I’ve tried all of these before except for the sausage roll. It was my first time trying a Nigerian version of a sausage roll.

EST Drinks

est drinks chapman

For the drink we had EST drinks. They are non alcoholic mocktails in a unique pouch instead of a typical bottle. The flavour was “strawberry-like” and a little fizzy but so good! I didn’t expect it to taste so good and definitely want to order a whole stock of it as well as try other flavours.

Feldos Chin Chin

A bonus treat I got (through winning a contest) were Feldos Chin Chin with their new upgraded packaging design. I’ve had their chin chin’s before and have mentioned them in my Black Owned Businesses I’ve ordered from and Love post.

The event was definitely a success. I got to not only taste some new food, discover new vendors, but also meet new people. My favourite if I had to choose would have to be the EST drink.

I look forward to the end of this pandemic so that I can attend and enjoy more food events. Feel free to follow me @foodiie.diary on Instagram for more food adventures!

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