Covid-19 Summer 2020 Recap: Food Edition

Summer 2020 is one to remember, or one we’d like to forget thanks to a global pandemic. Out went summer food festivals and eating abroad and in came the inner chefs and Tik tok food challenges. Below is my Covid-19 Summer 2020 recap: food edition.

Dalgona coffee

Tik Tok Trends

Tik Tok was such a big hit during quarantine. During Stage 1 we were literally locked indoors with nothing to do. I never really jumped on the tik tok bandwagon because I can only take so much social media but I did try the Dalgona Coffee.

Congolese galette

Inner Chef

We didn’t have the luxury of going out to eat. The most you can do was order take out. With all this extra time on their hand people had time to bring out their inner chefs. I was obsessed with making this galette recipe during this stage.



We were now allowed to go out outside and hang out with friends instead of just ourselves. I can not tell you how many picnic pictures scrolled through on Instagram.

toronto food blogger

Re-establishing Social Life

Stage 2 brought out patio season and increase social circles. We were now able to enjoy a meal at a restaurant after about 4 months!

Covid-19 new norm

The New Norm

And now we are in Stage 3. Things are getting back to normal or the “new norm”. There are still a few restrictions such as social gatherings as well as buffets haven’t reopened, but we’re now able to enjoy at meal indoors as well at restaurants.

If Covid-19 summer taught me anything is that you have to make the best out of whatever you have and whatever situation you may be going through. My summer was not what I would of ever expected but I made the most out of it and it’s definitely one I will remember.

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