McDonald’s Li’L Donuts Review

Mcdonald's li'l donuts

McDonald’s Li’l donuts are finally here in Canada! Yes I know I’m late. I heard about the launch of these and I wasn’t excited or anticipating anything because for one, I rarely eat Mcdonald’s ( I prefer Burger King over Mcdonald’s don’t @ me) and two, I haven’t had the best experience with Mcdonald’s baked goods. I have memories  back in high school where whenever I would get something from McCafe it was always dry and crusty. So as you can see my expectations were low.

The donuts were 2 for $1.79 plus tax and the location I went to, had a few staple donut flavours to choose from such as Boston cream, sprinkle, maple, apple fritter, and jam filled donut. I decided to go for sprinkle and apple fritter.

sprinkle donut

As I mentioned my expectations were low, like low low. But I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly. Let’s start with the sprinkle donut. I know donuts are supposed to be sweet but I hate it when it’s overly sweet which is what often happens with sprinkle donuts. This one was well balanced. Not too sweet. The donut itself was nice and doughy, and not dry. 

apple fritter donut

The first donut broke the ice for me so I wasn’t nervous with the apple fritter. Same thing, not too sweet, not dry, nice and doughy. It tasted more like a glazed donut with a hint of apple instead of tasting like a real apple fritter but hey it’s mcdonalds. Overall it was definitely satisfying.

As I mentioned earlier, I had PTSD from past experience with McDonald’s baked goods, yet this one surprised me. I can definitely see myself ordering Mcdonald’s li’l donuts again and even trying some of the other flavours.

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